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Cupcake 101

Art of the Cupcakes

Everyone has seen or had a cupcake at one time or another, in their lives.  When people think of cupcakes, I like to imagine they see little perfect cakes with fun designs on top.  A lot of icing because no cupcakes is perfect without a mound of icing on top! There are many different types of cupcakes, all different kinds of flavors, but do we really know the science behind making them?  Let’s dive in and see just what makes these delightful treats so extraordinary.



The cupcake, by the earliest description was in 1796, in “American Cookery”, by Amelia Simmons.  The actual word “cupcake” didn’t truly come about until 1828, named by Eliza Leslie.  She published a cookbook called “Receipts” and brought the name to life.  During the time when she wrote this book, measuring cups hadn’t been invented yet, so any type of measurement was written as “1 teacup”, which is now equivalent to 1 cup in our time.  Thus, the name cupcake was born, so to speak.


Cupcake Traditions


Toll House Pie Featured image

Toll House Pie

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Lemon Doughnuts

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Lemon Angel Food Cake

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